Girls Can’t Play/ Names Of Women/ Florence Griffith Joyner

Our neighborhood school is blocks from home, in a perfect world with sidewalks and crossing guards.

The morning walk is always a rush to beat the bell.  My nose pushes forward, my arms are held back.  The girls are cold or hot or tired with hoods drawn too tight and feet dragging. Continue reading

A Love Bizarre / Prince And The Back-Road Masturbator

My husband’s old boss was a big Prince fan so I made a little mix for his birthday.  I stayed away from the obvious hits like Raspberry Beret and Kiss.  The mix was playful, a little Head here, some Darling Nikki there, I felt pretty good about it and his boss seemed to love it.  He was eager to share his own mix and I was flattered because nothing’s hotter than swapping Prince with your husband’s boss.   Continue reading

Flower Showers / My Favorite Things / April 2016

collagespring1. Ashley Armitage, Image of Jill and Chase at Lake Washington 2. Pistils Nursery, FERN KOKEDAMA ‘STRING GARDEN’ 3. Orla Kiely, Croc Applique Leather Bonnie Bag 4. Topshop, JENNA Slingback Shoes 5. Nasty Gal, Flora & Fauna Jeweled Shades  6. Gucci Cruise 2016, Silk chiffon embroidered gown 7. Pistils Nursery, Herbivore Botanicals DEAD SEA BATH SALTS 8. Inaluxe, Fine art print reproduction of acrylic painting by Kristina Sostarko, New Dawn   9. Harley Weir for Vogue Paris April 2016, Dolce & Gabbana 10. Amanda Charchian, Ginger Entanglement
Continue reading

Saffron Colonial Won’t Survive / A Lesson In Asshole Checking

Saffron Colonial serves English and Colonial breakfasts.

That means a real Full English and they do it right with mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and all.  I couldn’t wait to try my favorite Colonial breakfast staples like Sour Rabbit and Potato Dumplings with Cold Grapefruit Soup.  Or a big hearty bowl of mush and molasses.

That’s what Colonial means right?  Like how the places in New England use it?

That’s what the owner, Sally Krantz, told the Oregonian, “A lot of people are confused.  Colonial is used on a lot of things: to describe a period of time with food, architecture and literature…It seems like some people have confused that word with American slavery.” Continue reading